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Research Seminar on Systems Theory

Place: Geom 415
Time: Tuesday, 2:15 - 3:45 p.m.


Datum Titel Sprecher
11.4.2017 Positive Real functions and Lur'e systems: the infinite-dimensional case     (extra date, 4:15 -5:45 p.m. in Geom 142) Mark R. Opmeer (U Bath, UK)
25.4.2017 Non-linear semigroups and BCOS Marc Puche
2.5.2017 Adaptive control for BCOS Marc Puche
16.5.2017 Disturbance decoupling with internal stability for differential-algebraic systems Sebastian Roth
Strong stabilizability of infinite-dimensional systems Robert Nabiullin (Wuppertal)
23.5.2017 The crane Hoang Le Huy
30.5.2017 Funnel control for systems with vector relative degree Hoang Le Huy
13.6.2017 Model order reduction techniques for mechanical systems Ines Dorschky
27.6.2017 Funnel control for systems with unknown control directions Thomas Berger
4.7.2017 Is the moving coffee cup minimum-phase? Timo Reis
11.7.2017 Velocity funnel control with position constraints Anna-Lena Rauert

  Seitenanfang  Impress 2017-06-16, Timo Reis