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Field trip to technologies gmbh

Field trip to

(2016-10-26) After a warm welcome by Anke Mehmann, Assistant to the Managing Directors, and Viktor Luft, an alumnus of the SIAM Student Chapter Hamburg and now with, we were shown around the company's floors to get a first impression of the work atmosphere, and got to know the Managing Directors Claudia Dietze and Stefan Richter.

Retreating to a conference room, Stefan then took plenty of his time to explain to us, over coffee and tea, the company's history, culture, and domains of expertise. Among many other things, and certainly of great interest to all of us, he gave insight into the organization and execution of projects. We learned about team structures and management, close customer relationships, automated work processes, and programming languages used. Having patiently answered all of our questions, e.g., extending on details of some example projects, on what they are looking for in applicants and why Mathematics and other Natural Sciences are among their preferred qualifications, Stefan led us upstairs for a final group photo in the lounge.

For this interesting and very informative afternoon we want to thank Claudia, Stefan, Anke, Viktor, and everyone else at who had a hand in our enjoyable visit!

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