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Foundation of GAMM Nachwuchsgruppe

Foundation of GAMM Nachwuchsgruppe

(2018-06-21) We are proud and happy to announce the foundation of the new "GAMM Nachwuchsgruppe Hamburg"!

GAMM is an acronym for "Gesellschaft für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik", the International Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics. It was founded in 1922 by Ludwig Prandtl and Richard von Mises in order to promote scientific development in these fields. (Read more...)

Field trip to and Machine Learning Movie Night

Our SIAM chapter at the welcome desk of

(2018-06-18) After our last visit two years ago, our chapter happily accepted the invitation to return to the software company (Read more...)

Certificate of Recognition for Benedikt Diederichs

Jörn Behrens hands over the Certificate of Recognition to Benedikt Diederichs

(2018-05-28, Benedikt Diederichs) I feel honored to receive this year's certificate of recognition. Since the chapter was founded, I enjoyed taking an active part in it.

I would like to thank everyone who keeps the Chapter alive, in particular our advisor, Jörn Behrens, and our new officers!

Field trip to Hamburger Sternwarte

Building of the 1m reflector telescope (picture:

(2018-04-09) On April 06, our chapter visited Hamburg's observatory for a look behind the scenes.
Guided by Professor Hauschildt and PhD student Viktoria Wichert, we learned about the observatory's long and changeful history and saw three of its fascinating telescopes. We were also introduced to the astrophysics done there today and the mathematics involved.(Read more...)

Election of new officers and introductory meeting for new members

Introductory meeting for potential new members

(2017-12-11) On November 9th, the annual elections of officers for our SIAM chapter were held, followed by a board game night. We would like to thank our representatives in 2016/17 for their work for the chapter!
On November 15th, our chapter invited interested students to join us for an introductory meeting for potential new members. Talks by Anja Jeschke, Jörn Behrens and Sören Schwenker pointed out the advantages of joining our chapter. (Read more...)

Certificate of Recognition for Tobias Jordan

Certificate of Recognition for Tobias Jordan

(2017-08-18, Tobias Jordan) Once every year, the faculty advisor can award a member of his SIAM Student Chapter SIAM's Certificate of Recognition, in reward for his or her effort put into the chapter. This year the choice came down to me, and I would like to thank our advisor Jörn Behrens and the other chapter officers for their support and an enjoyable time with the student chapter. Thank you!

The SIAM Annual Meeting 2017 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

SIAM Annual Meeting 2017

(2017-08-13, Sören Schwenker) Thanks to an invitation by SIAM and generous additional funding by Universität Hamburg I had the opportunity to represent the SIAM Student Chapter Hamburg at the SIAM Annual Meeting 2017 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. The meeting was co-located with the SIAM Workshop on Network Science 2017 as well as the SIAM Conference on Industrial and Applied Geometry 2017 and the SIAM Conference on Control and Its Applications 2017.

Bringing together leading experts in various fields of applied mathematics and representatives from industry and governmental organizations, the annual meeting gave me the chance to learn more about cutting-edge research in a broad spectrum of mathematical as well as career related topics. (Read more...)

Field trip to ERGO insurance group

ERGO in Hamburg

(2017-07-26) On Tuesday, May 30, 2017, the SIAM Student Chapter Hamburg visited one of the largest insurance companies in Europe, the ERGO Group. After a warm welcome by Dr. Christian Nagel, Head of Actuarial Inventory Management Life, and Cathrin Wörsdörfer, we retreated into a conference room, where Dr. Nagel introduced himself and his background with the ERGO Group and gave us a brief history of the ERGO Group in Hamburg. Following the introduction, he gave us his personal view on three important challenges life insurances face these days, the main one being the current low-interest phase in capital markets. We learned about the cause of this persistently low level of interest rates as well as its implications and how the ERGO Group reacted to this phase. (Read more...)

Our Chapter in SIAM News

Our Chapter in SIAM News

(2017-05-19) SIAM News featured an article on our chapter's recent activities in their March edition!

In the SIAM membership section (see also their news blog) a picture of our field trip to was accompanied by a report on this trip as well as on our workshop WIAM16 staged at the department last fall.

Field trip to technologies gmbh

Field trip to

(2016-10-26) After a warm welcome by Anke Mehmann, Assistant to the Managing Directors, and Viktor Luft, an alumnus of the SIAM Student Chapter Hamburg and now with, we were shown around the company's floors to get a first impression of the work atmosphere, and got to know the Managing Directors Claudia Dietze and Stefan Richter.

Retreating to a conference room, Stefan then took plenty of his time to explain to us, over coffee and tea, the company's history, culture, and domains of expertise. Among many other things, and certainly of great interest to all of us, he gave insight into the organization and execution of projects. (Read more...)

WIAM16 - Workshop on Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Integration competition 'Das Heilige InteGral'

(2016-09-22) From Wednesday, August 31, to Friday, September 2, the workshop WIAM16 was held at the Dept. of Mathematics. Largely organized by Ph.D. students, this workshop combined this year's annual meeting of the German SIAM student chapters, where we were happy to greet representatives of the Charles University In Prague Chapter, too, and the annual MathMods alumni meeting.

This combination promised a broad range of topics covered by the contributed talks—and the speakers delivered! (Read more...)

Field trip to Hamburger Hochbahn AG

Field trip to Hamburger Hochbahn AG

(2016-07-25) On Tuesday, July 19, 2016, ten of our Chapter members went to the Hamburger Hochbahn AG, the company responsible for public bus and subway transport in Hamburg. Mr. Hübener, who is head of the department of operations control for bus operations, introduced us to the company facts and outlined the daily tasks for public transport. The focus of his talk was on the challenge of transport network optimization. Although we did not discuss the mathematical models themself, we learned that the optimization of the routes, of the bus depot placement and layout - indeed the parking place for each single bus - is a rather complex matter. (Read more...)

Certificate of Recognition for Susanne

Certificate of Recognition for Susanne

(2016-06-04) Thank you very much, Susanne!

In acknowledgement of all the time and energy she has put into the organization of our chapter, Susanne Beckers has been awarded SIAM's Certificate of Recognition on Tuesday, May 31, 2016. A founding member and current president of the SIAM Student Chapter Hamburg, Susanne has been actively involved in all of our activities - from administrative duties to food support to establishing industry contacts when, notably, she managed to arrange for an exclusive talk of an AIRBUS researcher given to our chapter members during a field trip. Besides the work towards her Phd thesis she always finds the time and a smile for meetings and activities, filling the chapter with life. In the name of our former and present members: Thank you, Susanne!

Field trip to Airbus

Field trip to Airbus

(2016-02-05) On Tuesday, December 15, 2015, the SIAM Student Chapter Hamburg visited the Airbus site in Hamburg. Before we were shown around the site, our tour guide gave us an overview of the history of the company, its structure and aircraft families. After that, we were given a look behind the scenes of several aircraft production steps of the A320 and A380, gathering interesting background information along the way. One information we all will remember vividly is that an A320 fits completely under one wing of an A380. (Read more...)

Integration competition "Das Heilige InteGral"

Integration competition 'Das Heilige InteGral'

(2015-12-08) On Wednesday, November 11, the first competition "Das Heilige Integral" ("The Holy InteGrail") was held by the SIAM Student Chapter Hamburg.

We have finally found it - the Holy InteGrail has been found! It took us 300 chocolate coins, 72 integrals and 42 minutes! In three rounds seven participants competed with each other. The first and the second rounds ran smoothly and students solved integrals mostly by themselves, rewarded with chocolate coins for each solved integral. (Read more...)

Field trip to NXP Semiconductors

Chapter members with Lars Reger, CTO - NXP Automotive (sixth from left)

(2015-09-17) On Monday, September 07, our first field trip as a chapter led us to NXP Semiconductors in Hamburg.

Mr. Lars Reger, CTO of NXP Automotive, gave a 2 hours presentation about semiconductor chips and their state-of-the-art application. He stressed that the increasing distribution of and (sensitive) communication between these chips also necessitates the advancement of security. And therefore NXP is working on sophisticated encryption, which is an interesting field of applied mathematics. (Read more...)

Symposium of SIAM Student Chapters 2015 in Trier

SIAM Student Chapter Symposium 2015

(2015-09-14) In the end of August 2015 the SIAM Student Chapter Trier hosted the 4th Symposium of German SIAM Student Chapters.

SIAM Student Chapters in Heidelberg, Magdeburg, Aachen, Berlin and even Prague - besides our own chapter in Hamburg - sent representatives. Guests from Chemnitz and Kaiserslautern also joined for lively discussions about different topics in applied mathematics like for example modelling of flight behaviour of bats, optimization of cutting gemstones or finding the best location for a new highway. (Read more...)



(2015-08-12) We were lucky. We had planned our picnic for one of the nicest summer days this year.

On a Friday, after work, we met in the nearby Schanzenpark. The SIAM Student Chapter Hamburg organized the drinks and the members brought some food. In total we were twelve people enjoying the lovely atmosphere of a mild summer evening in the Schanzenpark, while discussing some of the future activities and, more importantly, the first election meeting in August. Afterwards we played some games until darkness set in.

We are looking forward to next year's summer and further picnic meetings of the SIAM Student Chapter Hamburg and thank all members who contributed food or other support.

Panel "Life after Ph.D."

Panel on 'Life after Ph.D.'

(2015-06-12, Janja Nahrstaedt) Many questions were asked and many questions were answered by our guests at our first Panel "Life after Ph.D."

Five former colleagues, who finished their Ph.D.s in the last two years, accepted our invitation to our first Panel "Life after Ph.D." Two guests are now postdocs at university and a large research institute, respectively. The other three guests are working as IT consultants or in large technology companies. (Read more...)

Official opening of the SIAM Student Chapter Hamburg

Official opening of the SIAM Student Chapter Hamburg

(2015-04-21) On April 9, 2015, finally, the time had come: The official opening ceremony of our chapter!

Professor Angelika Bunse-Gerstner (University of Bremen) was invited to give a talk on "Aspects of Ensemble Data Assimilation" within the framework of the Lothar-Collatz-Colloquium. She explained techniques to include observation data into a prediction model and the challenges thereof. After satisfying the curiosity of the audience, the whole group of 35 attendees moved up to the 15th floor of the Geomatikum building to enjoy the view and to listen to another short talk of Prof. Bunse-Gerstner. (Read more...)


SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering 2015

(2015-04-10, Tobias Jordan) On March 14-18, 2015, the SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering 2015 took place in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Supported by the University of Hamburg and SIAM I had the pleasure to represent the SIAM Student Chapter Hamburg.

The friendly welcome by the CBP officer upon arrival in Salt Lake City set the tone for my stay. On the evening before the conference a student orientation and a welcome reception helped break the ice and get to know other attendees right from the start. (Read more...)

A free lunch theorem*

Ph.D. lunch meets SIAM Chapter Hamburg

(2015-02-05) One of the Department of Mathematics' longest lasting traditions is a so-called Ph.D. lunch. It is an event that unites all working students and gives us an opportunity to share food as well as experience in a supporting and friendly atmosphere.

SIAM Student Chapter Hamburg was happy to participate in this practice on Thursday, 05.02.2015, further supporting communication and exchange of ideas between young researchers. (Read more...)

How to start a SIAM chapter?

Student chapters on

(2014-12-19, Susanne Beckers) Daily life of a Ph.D. student is fine: Come to work, have a cup of coffee, discuss with other students, work on interesting stuff, have a cookie, research some details, join a bunch of people to enjoy a meal together, have another cup of coffee, and do some more research. But from time to time we get in touch with "the real world": We attend conferences and get to know other people and other research topics. It is interesting how topics connect and how this connection extends to application and industry. (Read more...)

A place where it all began...

Summer School students and lecturers during a visit to the steel-making facility of voestalpine AG in Linz. Courtesy of SIAM News.

(2014-12-17) A connection between University of Hamburg and SIAM existed long before our Chapter! Co-organized by Jun.-Prof. Winnifried Wollner of University of Hamburg, the Faculty Advisor of our Chapter, the Gene Golub SIAM Summer School on Simulation, Optimization, and Identification in Solid Mechanics, held August 2014 in Linz, Austria, gave inspiration for the founding of our SIAM Chapter. The Lectures, supplemented with theoretical and practical exercises, covered inverse problems, material and topology optimization, optimization subject to variational inequalities, and adaptive finite element methods. Topped off with social activities from a city tour to an excursion to Linz's famous steel plant it was a great experience for all participants. You can read more on this Summer School in SIAM News.

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