Chapter activities

Future activities

Mar 26-19, 2018: Young Researchers Meeting and CSE Workshop, Plön: "Recent trends and future developments in Computational Science and Engineering ", Keynote Speakers:
Philipp Birken (Lund, Sweden), Ira Neitzel (Bonn, Germany), Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb (Cambridge, UK).
Jan 11, 2018: Lothar-Collatz-Colloquium on Applied Mathematics: "Optimal Control of Multi-Agent System and Kinetic Equations ", Prof. Dr. Michael Herty (RWTH Aachen, Center for Computational Engineering Science), 5:15 PM, Geom H5.
tba: Field trip: We will visit the Hamburger Sternwarte for a look behind the scenes.
Dec 20, 2017: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "Networks: Nonsymmetric, yet symmetric - An Introduction to Hidden Symmetries in Network Dynamical Systems", Sören Schwenker (Uni Hamburg). 4:15 PM, Geom 241.

Past activities

Dec 06, 2017: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "Localized Kernels and Super-resolution on Special Manifolds", Kristof Schröder (Helmholtz Zentrum München). 4:15 PM, Geom 241.
Nov 29, 2017: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "Variational discretization of parabolic control problems in space-time measure spaces", Evelyn Herberg (Uni Hamburg). 4:15 PM, Geom 241.
Nov 23, 2017 Lothar-Collatz-Colloquium on Applied Mathematics: "Linear functional strategy in regularized machine learning algorithms", Prof. Dr. Sergei Pereverzyev (University of Würzburg), 5:15 PM, Geom H5.
Nov 15, 2017: We will host an introductory meeting for everyone who is interested in the SIAM Chapter Hamburg! Where: lecture hall H6 (Geomatikum). When: 6:15 PM.
Nov 15, 2017: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "Two limiting cases of fluid dynamics", Dr. Jan Bolte (Uni Hamburg). 4:15 PM, Geom 241.
Nov 09, 2017: We are going to elect new Chapter Officers at our next board games evening! Where: room 327 (Geomatikum). When: 6 PM.
Aug 21, 2017: SIAM Movie Night: Starting at 6 PM, in lecture hall H6 of the Geomatikum, we will be watching video lectures on Neural Networks, given by an expert in the field, Geoffrey Hinton! Some snacks will be provided, and we might have a short break for lunch near the Geomatikum.
Jul 26, 2017: Ph.D. lunch, 12 PM, Geom 127.
Jul 12, 2017: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "Fluid Dynamic Optimization of HVAC-Components with Adjoint Methods", Anne Gerdes (U Hamburg, TU Hamburg). 4:15 PM, Geom 241.
Jul 05, 2017: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "Extending the shallow water equations to include frequency dispersion: Equivalence, DG-discretization and locality", Anja Jeschke (CliSAP / CEN, U Hamburg).
Jun 14, 2017: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "A projector based convergence proof of the Ginelli algorithm for Covariant Lyapunov Vectors", Florian Noethen (Dept. of Math., TU Hamburg).
Jun 14, 2017: Ph.D. lunch, 12 PM, Geom 127.
Jun 07, 2017: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "Optimal control of semilinear elliptic PDEs / elliptic PDEs with stochastic coefficients", Ahmad Ahmad Ali (Dept. of Math., U Hamburg).
May 31, 2017: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "Evolution of planar networks of curves with multiple junctions", Dr. Alessandra Pluda (Dept. of Math., U Regensburg).
May 30, 2017: Excursion to the insurance company ERGO.
May 24, 2017: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "An Adaptive Mass Conservative Multi-tracer Efficient Semi-Lagrangian Advection Scheme", Yumeng Chen (Dept. of Math., TU Hamburg).
May 17, 2017: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "From circular road to infinite lane: Stability of car following models", Hannes von Allwörden (Dept. of Math., TU Hamburg).
May 17, 2017: Ph.D. lunch, 12 PM, Geom 127.
Apr 20, 2017: Ph.D. lunch, 12 PM, Geom 127.
Apr 19, 2017: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "Powers of linear operators in Banach spaces", Jan Meichsner (Dept. of Math., TU Hamburg). 4:15 PM, Geom 241.
Apr 05, 2017: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "The dual weighted residual method in presence of shocks", Susanne Beckers (Dept. of Math., U Hamburg).
Mar 29, 2017: Ph.D. lunch, 12 PM, Geom 127.
Mar 21 - 24, 2017: Young Researchers Meeting and Workshop in Plön! See its website.
Mar 14, 2017: Board games evening and pie on PI Day! Geomatikum, room 127, at 6 PM.
Feb 08, 2017: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "The dual weighted residual method in presence of shocks", Susanne Beckers (Dept. of Math., U Hamburg).
Jan 25, 2017: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "On reconstruction based discontinuous Galerkin methods, an inverse L^2-projection, and entropy stable flux limiters", Dr. Claus Götz (Dept. of Math., U Hamburg).
Dec 14, 2016: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "Numerical algorithms for the optimal control of well-posed linear systems", Arash Massoudi (Dept. of Math., U Hamburg).
Dec 07, 2016: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "Transfer functions for differential-algebraic systems", Ines Dorschky (Dept. of Math., U Hamburg).
Nov 23, 2016: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "As Riemannian as You Might Get", Dr. Henrik Schumacher (Dept. of Math., U Hamburg).
Nov 16, 2016: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "Finite element analysis for Free Material Optimization", Tobias Jordan (Dept. of Math., U Hamburg).
Nov 02, 2016: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "From the Kreiss-Matrix-Theorem to the Inverse Generator Problem", Dr. Felix Schwenninger (Dept. of Math., U Hamburg).
Oct 13, 2016: Excursion to the software company
Sep 28, 2016: General Meeting of the chapter to elect new officers for the next term and discuss future activities, followed by a board games evening.
Aug 31 - Sep 02, 2016: WIAM16, the Workshop on Industrial and Applied Mathematics 2016, combining the 5th Symposium of German SIAM Student Chapters and the annual MathMods Alumni Meeting, took place at the Dept. of Mathematics.
Jul 19, 2016: Field trip to Hochbahn AG.
Jul 06, 2016: Ph.D. lunch, 12 PM, Geom 127.
Jul 05, 2016: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "Kinetic-Induced Moment Systems for Balance Laws", Diana Gil (Dept. of Math., U Hamburg).
Jun 21, 2016: We watched the EURO 2016 match Germany vs Northern Ireland together in Geom 127.
Jun 07, 2016: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "Higher Integrability for SBV-almost-Minimizers of the Mumford-Shah-Functional", Sebastian Piontek (Dept. of Math., U Hamburg). Followed by a Chapter meeting, and a Picnic at the Schanzenpark.
Jun 01, 2016: Ph.D. lunch, 12 PM, Geom 127.
May 31, 2016: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "Error Estimation Algorithms for Ocean Models", Jan Ackmann (Dept. of Math., U Hamburg).
May 25, 2016: Watched the movie "Die Poesie des Unendlichen" at the Blankeneser Kino (7:45 PM).
May 24, 2016: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "A smooth introduction to Smooth Ergodic Theory", Dr. Philipp Kunde (Dept. of Math., U Hamburg).
May 17, 2016: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "Funnel Observation and Funnel Control", Dr. Thomas Berger (Dept. of Math., U Hamburg).
May 10, 2016: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "Heteroclinic dynamics - switching in low-dimensional networks", Dr. Alexander Lohse (Dept. of Math., University of Hamburg).
Apr 26, 2016: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "Multiphase flows in chemical engineering, deciphering hydrodynamics of packed columns", Martin Isoz (Dept. of Math., University of Chemistry and Technology Prague).
Mar 21-24, 2016: Young Researchers Meeting and Workshop on "Recent trends and future developments in Computational Science & Engineering" took place in Plön (see also the workshop poster).
Jan 26, 2016: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "Nonlinear model order reduction via Dynamic Mode Decomposition", Alessandro Alla (Dept. of Mathematics), 4:15 PM, Geom 142.
Jan 12, 2016: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "Projection type methods in Banach space with application in topology optimization", Christoph Rupprecht (University of Regensburg, Dept. of Mathematics), 4:15 PM, Geom 142.
Jan 05, 2016: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "Fluid-dynamic Optimization of HVAC-components with adjoint Navier-Stokes", Anne Gerdes (Dept. of Mathematics), 4:15 PM, Geom 142.
Dec 15, 2015: Visit to the Airbus site in Hamburg. Tour starts at 12:50 PM, followed by a talk for the chapter members.
Dec 08, 2015: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "Error estimates for Bang-Bang optimal control of PDE's", Fatemeh Zendehrouh (Dept. of Mathematics), 4:15 PM, Geom 142.
Nov 24, 2015: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "Numerical Optimization of Geometric Energies", Dr. Henrik Schumacher (Dept. of Mathematics), 4:15 PM, Geom 142.
Nov 11, 2015: Integration solving contest Das Heilige InteGral.
Nov 10, 2015: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "A multivariate generalization of Prony's method", Ulrich von der Ohe (University of Osnabrück, Dept. of Mathematics), 4:15 PM, Geom 142.
Oct 27, 2015: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "Parameter Estimation for Exponential Sums: A Gentle Introduction", Benedikt Diederichs (Dept. of Mathematics), 4:15 PM, Geom 142.
Sep 21 – 25, 2015: The 2015 annual meeting of the Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung (DMV) took place at the University of Hamburg.
Sep 07, 2015: Field trip to NXP Semiconductors.
Aug 26 – 28, 2015: Hamburg Chapter visited the German SIAM Student Chapters meeting in Trier.
Aug 06, 2015: Chapter meeting for election of new officers.
Jul 17, 2015: Chapter meeting over picnic.
Jul 07, 2015: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "A triangular grid DG method featuring shock filters and unconditional positivity preserving time integration for shallow water flows", Dr. Sigrun Ortleb (Dept. of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Kassel).
Jun 30, 2015: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "Efficient methods for defect detection and classification in non-destructive evaluation of materials", José Cuenca (Dept. of Mathematics).
Jun 16, 2015: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "An Ensemble-type Approach to Goal-oriented Error Estimation", Jan Ackmann (MPI-M, Hamburg).
Jun 12, 2015: Panel on "Life after Ph.D." with several former Ph.D. students of the Dept. of Mathematics (at 7 PM, room Geom. 1528).
Jun 02, 2015: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "Coupling MPC and DP methods for optimal control problems", Dr. Alessandro Alla (Dept. of Mathematics).
May 05, 2015: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "Mathematical modeling in chemical engineering", Gabriel Molina (Dept. of Mathematics).
Apr 21, 2015: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "A Posteriori Error Estimate for Finite Elements Approximation of Parabolic Equations", Petar Sapun (Dept. of Mathematics).
Apr 09, 2015: SIAM Student Chapter Hamburg officially opened by SIAM Council member Prof. Dr. Angelika Bunse-Gerstner (University of Bremen).
Apr 07, 2015: Lothar-Collatz-Seminar: "Nonhydrostatic correction for shallow water equations with quadratic vertical pressure distribution: A Boussinesq-type equation", Anja Jeschke (Dept. of Mathematics).
Feb 24, 2015: Went to the cinema to see the movie "The Imitation Game" about the life and work of Alan Turing.
Feb 05, 2015: Ph.D. lunch with a brief introduction of the chapter (at 12 PM, room Geom. 127).
Nov 12, 2014: Meeting of the Executive Committee and Faculty Advisor.
Nov 06, 2014: Inaugural meeting of the Executive Committee.

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