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Workshop on Symplectic Field Theory V

Lagrangian Floer homology - computations and applications

August 20-26, 2011

Practical Information

The summer school will take place in the main building of the Hamburg University, Edmund-Siemers-Allee 1, which is very close to the Dammtor railway station.

This is what the building looks like:

To find out how to get here from anywhere else in the city by public transportation, you may use the features of the above map, or you can use the webform of the local public transportation company.

Eating lunch (and dinner)

There are numerous places to grab a bite to eat on nearby Grindelallee and its side streets, offering snacks such as sandwiches, but also falafel and burrito. Many local restaurants offer special lunch menus on weekdays, and there are also the cafeterias of the university (called "Mensa" in German) on the main campus. Here is a list of some nearby places which includes their opening hours and webpages, where you can get an idea of the price range and menus. Note that all cafeterias and some of the restaurants are closed on Sunday.
Another option is to either take the S-Bahn one stop to Sternschanze, or simply take a 20 minute stroll to the lively neighborhood called Schanzenviertel, where you can find an even greater variety of food options, e.g. on Schulterblatt, on Susannenstrasse or on Schanzenstrasse.

Suggestions for Wednesday afternoon

There will be no organized activity on Wednesday afternoon. Possible things to do include:
  • You can take a boat tour of the harbour (most of these start at "Landungsbrücken"). There are various companies offering such tours, usually running between 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 hours. Guided city tours by bus also start from here.
  • If you prefer getting a little exercise while touring the city, you could also rent a small boat or canoe at one of several places along the "Alster" and its sidearms, which you can then use to explore various canals and the "Alster". Try the following list of companies with their address and opening hours.
  • Weather permitting, you may enjoy a view of the city from a balloon rising 150 meters above ground. Details on current operating status can be found on the operators webpage. A more weather-independent way to get a city view is to climb the tower of St. Michaelis church, simply known as "der Michel", which can be done by foot or by elevator (click on "Service", then on "Anfahrt" to see how to get there or on "Eintritt/Preise" for opening hours and ticket prices).
  • Of course there are many museums in the city, some of which are listed on this page in English, or on this more complete list in German. Maybe the most notable are the local art museums ("Kunsthalle", "Deichtorhallen") and the model railroad system ("Miniatur-Wunderland"), which supposedly is the largest of its kind worldwide, and which as of this year also includes a fully functioning model of an airport.
  • If you don't feel like exploring the city, there must surely be some math problem you haven't had the time to properly think about, or some discussion you definitely need to have, or...

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