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Workshop on Symplectic Field Theory V

Lagrangian Floer homology - computations and applications

August 20-26, 2011

Main program: August 22-26

Lecture course consisting of 10 lectures by K. Fukaya, Y.-G. Oh and K. Ono
additional contributions by M. Abouzaid, G. Alston, C.-H. Cho, S. Ma'u and H. Ohta

Precourses: August 20-21

  1. Toric symplectic geometry (K. Mohnke)
  2. A-infinity algebras (S. Ma'u)
  3. Basic Lagrangian Floer homology (A. Abbondandolo)


The deadline for registration was June 15, 2011.


It is rather late, so if you still need accomodation, you're on your own.
Check out this list for options that might still be available.

Financial support:

We expect to cover the lodging costs for those junior participants (Ph.D. students, postdocs) who applied for funding, at the level stated in the email you received after registration. We will also contribute to travelling costs in exceptional cases.

Please contact the local organizer at janko.latschev(at) wir wollen keinen Spam as soon as possible if you have special needs.


K. Cieliebak (München)
J. Latschev (Hamburg)
K. Mohnke (Berlin)
M. Schwarz (Leipzig)


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