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NoGAGS 2012 - North German Algebraic Geometry Seminar

3 – 4 May 2012, Hamburg

The North German Algebraic Geometry Seminar is a joint seminar of the Algebraic Geometry groups in Bremen, FU Berlin, HU Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover, Göttingen, Groningen and Oldenburg.

Some thoughts on catering. The following is meant as a potential help for organisers of mathematical conferences/seminars/workshops. We did not order snacks for the conference, but only coffee, tea and cold drinks, and bought cookies on our own. Here are some statistics. There were roughly 50 attendants. Of the 5,4kg cookies which were bought, about 4,1kg were consumed, which means roughly 1,4kg per coffee break (thus ca. 30g per person per coffee break). It seems worth mentioning that simple collections of cookies were not well liked. People preferred chocolate chips cookies, orange cookies, chocolate sticks, "Kaffeekränze" and "Spritzgebäck". Maybe in the future one can also experiment and provide alternatives like apples or bananas.


Sabrina Harich
Email: sabrina.harich(at)math(dot)uni(minus)hamburg(dot)de

Pawel Sosna
Email: pawel.sosna(at)math(dot)uni(minus)hamburg(dot)de

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