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HOWTO use our internet pages

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Underneath the logo of the university you'll find the gray navigation bar. It displays left to right links to higher level index pages. Leftmost there is a link to the main page of the university itself. Next right a link to the faculties and next again a link to the main page of this faculty. The links are seperated by a greater sign, thus indicating the path to a specific page. Using this path you'll always find back to the next higher index.

Sample of the navigation bar

You can reach - right to left - by simple clicks the desired superceeding index.

The right hand side of the navigation bar is offering links to this help page as well as a search engine.

The bottom bar of each page contains - left to right -

  • a red button to jump to the top of the page
  • a link to the Impress
  • date of last modification
  • who has modified this page

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Bottom of Page

The bottom of a page should look like this

bottom line of a web page

and contains information and functionality as follows (left to right):

  • up-arrow symbol, click to jump to the top of the page
  • a hyperlink to the impress of the site
  • the date when the page was last modified, in international date format (ISO 8601)
  • wwwmath(sign) or the name of the person responsible for the page other than stated in the impress. Sign shall be the initials of the person who modified the page. The name is linked to a propper email address

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Site Map

In case your are new to our server, please check our site map for an overview of available webpages.

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this is how a webpage should look like

Solutions to Problems

The picture displays a fragment of a webpage using the new layout. If you see something different with your browser, here are some causes:

You are using a text browser:
please use a graphical browser to view our new layout.
Your browser does not evaluate Cascading Style Sheets (CSS):
CSS is being used to format our webpages. If you are using a Microsoft Internet Explorer or a Netscape Communicator version 4 or later, your browser is capable displaying the new layout. However, it could be your Netscape preferences are set up to ignore style sheets.
In Netscape go to Edit Preferences, then Advanced: enable JavaScript and Style Sheet. For security reasons in general you should disable Java and JavaScript for Mail und News.
Your Netscape 4 browser has JavaScript deactivated:
Netscape (4) is using JavaScript to evaluate CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), which in turn are responsible to format our webpages. In is not enough to enable style sheets in Edit Preferences Advanced! Enable JavaScript as well.
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E-Mail adresses for homepage and computer operation


Homepage of the Department
1st Level Support
System Administration

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