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PhD Seminar — Summer Term 2018

This is the the website of the seminar of the PhD students of the Mathematics Department, research areas Algebra and Number Theory, Analysis and Differential Geometry and the RTG1670 of the University of Hamburg. If you want to subscribe to the mailing list please go to the mailing list's website.

This semester's topic is: Deformation Quantization and Factorization Algebras

The semester will roughly be divided into two parts. In the first part we will focus on deformation quantization, and in particular the following topics:
  • Motivation of deformation quantization from physics;
  • Basics of Poisson geometry;
  • Deformation of Poisson algebras, with examples;
  • Kontsevich's quantization formula, and a sketch of its proof;
The second part of the semester will be devoted to studying factorization algebras and how they show up in quantum field theories. We will discuss the following topics:
  • Motivation, definition and examples of factorization algebras;
  • Factorization algebras of observables;
  • Operations for factorization algebras;
  • Quantization

The seminar takes place on Mondays, 14:00 - 15:00 in room 1643 (Geomatikum)

Sessions this term: TBD

Date Speaker Title
09-04-2018 Organizational meeting
16-04-2018 Áron Szabó Quantum mechanics and deformation quantization Notes
23-04-2018 Arpan Saha Poisson geometry and the Schouten bracket
30-04-2018 No seminar
07-05-2018 Tim Gabele Deformation theory of algebras & Hochschild cohomology
14-05-2018 Lóránt Szegedy Graph complex and Kontsevich's formula
21-05-2018 Pentecost holiday; no seminar
28-05-2018 Lukas Woike Operads
04-06-2018 Cancelled due to airport blackout
11-06-2018 Adrien Brochier Formality and Kontsevich's theorem
18-06-2018 Organizational Meeting
25-06-2018 No seminar
02-07-2018 Sebastian Heller Overview: Geometry in the RTG
09-07-2018 Simon Lentner Overview: Algebra in the RTG


Part one:

Part two:

  • Costello and Gwilliam: Factorization Algebras in Quantum Field Theory (volume 1 and 2). Draft versions freely available here and here.

Organizers: Adrien Brochier and Danu Thung.

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