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Danu Thung

Danu Thung

PhD student in the Research Training Group 1670 "Mathematics Inspired by String Theory and QFT", supervised by Vicente Cortés


Main interests:

  • Constructions of quaternionic Kähler and hyper-Kähler manifolds
  • Twistor spaces and their complex geometry
  • Characteristic classes of (almost) complex manifolds
  • Preferred Metrics (e.g. Einstein, Kähler-Einstein)

Master's thesis:

Invariant Geometric Structures and Chern Numbers of G2 Flag Manifolds, LMU Munich, 2017. Paper (in collaboration with Dieter Kotschick) in preparation.


PhD Seminar of the Research Training Group:

Summer Term 2019


Department of Mathematics
Section Global Analysis and Differential Geometry
Bundesstraße 55 (Geomatikum)
20146 Hamburg
Room 1517
Tel.: +49 40 42838-9354
E-Mail: daniel.thung (at) uni-hamburg.de

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