Bernd Siebert
Schriftzug: Fachbereich Mathematik 
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Research Seminar: Complex Geometry

For talks of members and guests of the working group "Complex Geometry".

In this semester we will have a series of talks on the papers "The tropical vertex" (Mark Gross, Rahul Pandharipande, B.S.) and "Mirror symmetry for log Calabi-Yau surfaces I" by Mark Gross, Paul Hacking and Sean Keel ([GPS] and [GHK]).

Date/Room: FRI 14:00–15:30, Geom 432.

Date Speaker(s) Title
 17.10.2014   Carsten Liese   Toward a modular compactification of moduli spaces of polarized K3 surfaces 
 24.10.2014   Bernd Siebert   Overview 
 31.10.2014   Lisa Bauer   Toric mirror symmetry I [GPS] 
 07.11.2014   Lisa Bauer   Toric mirror symmetry II [GPS] 
 14.11.2014   Christian Gottlieb   Altmann's versal deformations and toric degenerations 
 21.11.2014   Hülya Argüz   The tropical vertex [GPS] 
 28.11.2014   Pawel Sosna   Singular fans, scattering diagrams, broken lines k;I ([GHK], Ch.2) 
 05.12.2014   Pawel Sosna   Singular fans, scattering diagrams, broken lines II ([GHK], Ch.2) 
 12.12.2014   Lisa Bauer   The canonical scattering diagram I ([GHK], Ch.3) 
 19.12.2014   Hülya Argüz   The canonical scattering diagram II ([GHK], Ch.3)  
 09.01.2015   Carsten Liese   Smoothness, torus action and extension over boundary ([GHK], Ch.4–6) 
 16.01.2015   Alexander Ritter (Oxford)   Floer theory for negative line bundles via Gromov-Witten invariants 
 23.01.2015   Jonathan Fisher   Cusp singularities 
 30.01.2015   Christian Böhning   The Looijenga conjecture ([GHK], Ch.7) 

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