Bernd Siebert
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Research Seminar: Complex Geometry

For talks of members and guests of the working group "Complex Geometry".

In this semester we will have a series of talks on the paper "Mirror symmetry for Del Pezzo surfaces: Vanishing cycles and coherent sheaves" (arXiv version) by Denis Auroux, Ludmil Katzarkov and Dmitri Orlov.

Program: PDF

Time/Room: FRI 14:30–16:00, Geom 432.

Date Speaker(s) Title
 10.04.2015   Pawel Sosna   Overview 
 17.04.2015   Carsten Liese   Degenerations and NC deformations of del Pezzo surfaces 
 08.05.2015   Franziska Schroeter   The mirror Landau-Ginzburg model 
 15.05.2015   Lisa Bauer   A tropical view on the mirror construction 
 22.05.2015   Hülya Argüz   Background from symplectic geometry 
 05.06.2015   Travis Mandel (QGM Aarhus)   Tropical curve counting and canonical bases 
 12.06.2015   Pawel Sosna   Vanishing cycles and mutations 
 19.06.2015   Thomas Prince (Imperial College, London)   Smoothing del Pezzos with cyclic quotient singularities via the Gross-Siebert algorithm 
 26.06.2015   Hans-Christian von Bothmer   Compositions in the category of vanishing cycles 
 03.07.2015   Christian Böhning   Simple degenerations and modular invariance 
 10.07.2015   Bernd Siebert   Proof of the main theorem 

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