Seminar quantum physics and geometry
Topological conformal field theory

Coordination: Christoph Schweigert and Jörg Teschner

21.10.2010: 1. Open/closed TFT
Speaker: Christoph Schweigert, Contact: Christoph Schweigert
References: [L,LP,MS]. Notes
Information: Colloquium talk by Jacopo Stoppa (Trinity College, Cambridge)
Place: Geomatikum

4.11.2010: 2. Examples of open/closed TFT models
Speaker: Jörg Teschner, Contact: Jörg Teschner
References: [HLL] Notes

Information: Colloquium talk by Roberto Longo (Rom)
Place: DESY

18.11.2010: 3. A-infinity algebras
Speakers: Sebastian Novak and Christoph Wockel, Contact: Christoph Schweigert
References: [PS]
Information: Colloquium talk by NN
Place: Geomatikum

For information:

29.11-3.12.2010: From Sigma Models to Four-dimensional QFT
Workshop at DESY

16.12.2010: ZMP seminar and only the seminar cancelled because of dies academicus
Information: Colloquium talk by Karl-Hermann Neeb (Erlangen)
Place: Geomatikum

13.1.2011: 4. Costello's construction of TCTs
Speaker: Vito Iacovino
References: [C2]
Information: Colloquium talk by Fabian Essler (Oxford): ``Finite Temperature and Quantum Quench Dynamics in Massive Integrable Quantum Field Theories''
Place: DESY

27.1.2011: 5. On the relation between open and closed topological strings
Speaker: Tom Brown
References: [HLL, C1]. Notes of the speaker.
Information: Colloquium talk by Andreas Ludwig (UCSB)
Place: Geomatikum H2