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I'm a postdoc working in the field of tropical enumerative geometry. More generally, I'm interested in all kinds of tropical moduli spaces, tropical intersection theory on them and its applications. After getting my PhD from the Universität des Saarlandes in 2013 advised by Hannah Markwig studying real enumerative invariants with tropical methods, I moved to Hamburg in April 2014.


Selected Talks

Organizational activities


  • Spring 2016: TA for "Grundbildung Lineare Algebra und Analytische Geometrie" lectured by Hubert Kiechle
  • Fall 2015/16: "Elementare Zahlentheorie" (Hamburg)
  • Spring 2015: "Toric geometry" (Hamburg)
  • Spring 2014: TA for "Lineare Algebra II" lectured by Vicente Cortés (Hamburg)
  • Spring 2013: TA for "Algebra" lectured by Johannes Rau (Saarbrücken)
  • Fall 2012/13: TA for "Einführung in die Algebra und Zahlentheorie" lectured by Hannah Markwig (Saarbrücken)
  • Spring 2012: TA for "Lineare Algebra 2" lectured by Hannah Markwig (Saarbrücken)
  • Fall 2011/12: TA for "Lineare Algebra 1" lectured by Hannah Markwig (Saarbrücken)
  • Spring 2011: TA for "Analysis 1" lectured by Hannah Markwig (Saarbrücken)
  • Spring 2010: TA for "Tropische Geometrie" lectured by Hannah Markwig (Göttingen)

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