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Research Seminar - Winter term 2019/20


This is the joint research seminar of the groups of Christoph Schweigert and Ingo Runkel. The seminar takes place
  • Tuesdays 14:15-15:45 in room 142
The plan for this term is (subject to change):
  • Tue, 15.10: (no seminar)
  • Tue, 22.10: Yoshiko Ogata, Classification of symmetry protected topological phases in quantum spin chains
  • Tue, 29.10: (no seminar)
  • Tue, 05.11: Cesar Galindo, G-crossed braided tensor categories and their applications (part 1)
  • Tue, 12.11: Cesar Galindo, G-crossed braided tensor categories and their applications (part 2)
  • Tue, 19.11: Donald Youmans, Two-dimensional BF theory as a CFT
  • Tue, 26.11: no seminar, instead RTG workshop at DESY, see [web], where program and abstracts can be found.
  • Tue, 03.12: Thomas Voß, Mapping class group actions on Hopf algebra labelled ribbon graphs
  • Tue, 10.12: Lorant Szegedy, Invertible 2d r-spin topological field theories
  • Tue, 17.12: Ehud Meir, Invariant theory, symmetric groups and Hopf algebras
  • Thu, 19.12: (extra seminar) Andres Fontalvo Orozco, Module traces on Quantum sl_2 (10:00-11:00 in room 434)
  • Tue, 07.01: Daniel Scherl, Tricategories and diagrams (part 1)
  • Tue, 14.01: Daniel Scherl, Tricategories and diagrams (part 2)
  • Tue, 21.01: Matthieu Faitg "Representations of mapping class groups in combinatorial quantization". DIFFERENT TIME AND PLACE: This seminar starts at 13:30 and DESY, building 2a, room 2.
  • Tue, 28.01: Matthieu Faitg, Part 2 (again at the usual time and place).
  • (extra seminar) Wed, 26.02: Benedikt Fritz, Kan Extensions of Embedded Graphs (15:00, room 435).

  Seitenanfang  Impressum 2020-02-25, Ingo Runkel