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Research Seminar - Winter term 2018/19


This is the joint research seminar of the groups of Christoph Schweigert and Ingo Runkel. The seminar takes place
  • Tuesdays 14:15-15:45 in room 142
The plan for this term is (subject to change):
  • Tue, 16.10: (no seminar)
  • Tue, 23.10: Manuel Araújo, Using the cobordism hypothesis to find presentations of bordism categories
  • Tue, 30.10: Tobias Dyckerhoff, Topological Fukaya categories
  • Tue, 06.11: Tobias Dyckerhoff, Towards categorified homological algebra
  • Tue, 13.11: Vincent Braunack-Mayer, Rational homotopy theory of parametrised spectra, part 1
  • Tue, 20.11: Vincent Braunack-Mayer, Rational homotopy theory of parametrised spectra, part 2
  • Tue, 27.11: Simon Lentner, Mapping class group actions on cohomology from modular tensor categories
  • Tue, 04.12: Matthieu Faitg, Mapping class group representations in combinatorial quantization, [abstract]
  • Tue, 11.12: Simon Lentner and Marco Benini on a topic of their current research.
  • Tue, 18.12: Simon Wood, Beta-gamma ghost algebras and the Verlinde formula
  • Thu, 20.12: exceptional seminar by Lukas Müller on the 't Hooft anomalies of discrete gauge theories (14:15, room TBA).
  • Tue, 08.01: Philippe Mathieu, Non-perturbative approach of the abelian Chern-Simons and BF theory in the formalism of path integral and relations with Reshetikhin-Turaev and Turaev-Viro theories.
  • Tue, 15.01: Christian Wimmer, Rational homotopy theory of equivariant commutative ring spectra
  • Tue, 22.01: Matthew Young, Unoriented Dijkgraaf-Witten theory, based on this paper: [arXiv]
  • Fri, 25.01: exceptional seminars in room 434: 9:00-10:00 Daniel Scherl, "3D orbifolds and fusion categories" and 16:00-17:00 Paul Wedrich, "On categorification of skein modules and algebras"
  • Tue, 29.01: Rafał Suszek, Geometrisation in the supersymmetry-invariant cohomology - from superstrings to supergerbes, and back

  Seitenanfang  Impressum 2019-01-23, Ingo Runkel