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Research Seminar - Summer term 2016


This is the joint research seminar of the groups of Christoph Schweigert and Ingo Runkel. The seminar takes place
  • Tuesdays 14:15-15:45 in room 241
The plan for this term is (subject to change):
  • Tue, 5.4.: (no seminar)
  • Tue, 12.4.: Lorant Szegedy on area dependent 2d quantum field theory
  • Tue, 19.4.: (PhD defence Jan Priel)
  • Tue, 26.4: Jan Hesse
  • Tue, 3.5.: Manuel Bärenz will visit the department Mon. 2.5 - Fri. 6.5 (office 1512). He will give two talks on "Dichromatic state sum models and four-dimensional topological quantum field theories from pivotal functors" and one talk on half-twists. His first talk is: Definition of the invariant in terms of handle decompositions (14:15-15:45, room 241).
  • Wed, 4.5.: Manuel Bärenz : The state sum and TQFT construction (10:15-11:45, room 142). In addition, Manuel will give a seminar on half-twists and on noncommutative geometry and 2-dimensional state sum models internal to a involutive monoidal category with half-twist (14:15-15:45, room 415).
  • Tue, 10.5.: (no seminar)
  • Wed, 18.5.: special seminar: Svea Mierach, MSc defence.
  • Tue, 24.5.: Jürgen Fuchs on non-degeneracy of braided finite tensor categories, following Shimizu
  • Tue, 31.5.: Jürgen Fuchs (cont'd)
  • Tue, 7.6.: (no seminar)
  • Tue, 14.6.: Ehud Meir, simulated job talk
  • Tue, 21.6.: Nils Carqueville and Gregor Schaumann on 3-dimensional defect TQFTs and their tricategories.
  • Tue, 28.6.: Terry Gannon in Hamburg for Colloquium and talk at research seminar
  • Tue, 5.7.: Lukas Müller on the universal construction of 3d TFTs
  • Tue, 12.7.: Azat Gainutdinov on super group spin chains

  • Bärenz, Barrett, Dichromatic state sum models for four-manifolds from pivotal functors [arXiv:1601.03580]
  • Akbulut, 4-manifolds [pdf]
  • Gompf, Stipsicz, 4-manifolds and Kirby calculus
  • Shimizu, The monoidal center and the character algebra [arXiv:1504.01178]
  • Shimizu, Non-degeneracy conditions for braided finite tensor categories [arXiv:1602.06534]

  Seitenanfang  Impressum 2016-06-14, Ingo Runkel