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(Verzamelingstheoretische Modelvorming voor Oneindige Spelen van Imperfecte Informatie)
NWO Project

VMOSII is a research project funded by the NWO (B62-584 2002/05867/CPI). It is connected to the NWO project InIGMA: "Imperfect Information Games; Models and Analysis" by being its infinite analogue. (See the Project Description for details.)

Researchers: Irregular Seminar:

Benedikt Löwe is giving a Short Course entitled "A Gentle Introduction to Set-Theoretic Games". The next meeting will be announced here.

The following is a list of meetings that already took place:

Topics of the Short Course include:

  1. The Topology of Baire Space: Infinite Sequences, Trees, etc.
  2. Abstract Games of Infinite Length
  3. Determinacy Axioms and some consequences
  4. Some results on infinite games with more than two players
  5. The extent of combinatorial labellings

Description of the Project
Last changed: September 19th, 2003