Bringing together Philosophy and Sociology of Science

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science

October 21-24, 2008

Proceedings Volume.

The proceedings volumes of FotFS conference are published in the series Studies in Logic of College Publications, London. All proceedings volumes are thoroughly refereed according to the standards of a high-level research or expository journal of the relevant field. The books can be ordered via for a very reasonable price.

The proceedings volume of this conference appeared as

Karen François, Benedikt Löwe, Thomas Müller, Bart Van Kerkhove (eds.)
Foundations of the Formal Sciences VII. Bringing together Philosophy and Sociology of Science
College Publications, London, 2011
Volume 32 of Studies in Logic
Knowledge, the context distinction and its impact on the relation between philosophy and sociology of science
S. Ammon
pp. 1-16
Science as socially distributed cognition: Bridging philosophy and sociology of science
M. J. Brown
pp. 17-31
Freud's unintended institutional facts
F. Buekens, M. Boudry
pp. 33-60
Looking for busy beavers. A socio-philosophical study of a computer-assisted proof
L. De Mol
pp. 61-90
Sources for myths about mathematics. On the significance of the difference between finished mathematics and mathematics-in-the-making
C. Greiffenhagen, W. Sharrock
pp. 91-109
On the curious historical coincidence of algebra and double-entry bookkeeping
A. Heeffer
pp. 111-132
Economic calculation. Frameworks and performances
H. Kalthoff
pp. 133-160
Demystification of early Latour
J.-M. Kuukkanen
pp. 161-184
Albert Lautman: Dialectics in mathematics
B. Larvor
pp. 185-204
On the philosophical talk of scientists
H. Riesch
pp. 205-228
Career paths in mathematics: a comparison between women and men
R. Tobies
pp. 229-242
Alternative claims to the discovery of modern logic: Coincidences and diversification
P. Ziche
pp. 243-267