Bringing together Philosophy and Sociology of Science

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science

October 21-24, 2008

Contributed Talks.

Sabine Ammon. Reconstruction versus Construction: The Context Distinction and its Impact for Philosophy and Sociology of Science
Alexandre Borovik. Science Wars: a Time for a Truce
Matthew Brown. Science as Socially Distributed Cognition: Bridging Philosophy and the Sociology of Science
Filip Buekens and Maarten Boudry. Institutional Facts or Social Constructions? A Searlean Reconstruction of Psychoanalytic Facts
Bernd Buldt. Husserl's Theory of Objectivity
Jessica Carter. The use of diagrams in mathematical reasoning
Helen De Cruz and Johan De Smedt. Cognitive and cultural factors influence the spread of mathematical concepts: The case of zero
Liesbeth De Mol. On the use and (interactive) role of computers in computer-assisted proofs
Till Düppe. Listening to the Music of Reason: Nicolas Bourbaki and the Phenomenology of Mathematical Experience
Karen François and Bart Van Kerkhove. Ethnomathematics as an implicit philosophy of mathematics (education)
Norma B. Goethe. Modes of Representation and Working Tools in Leibniz´s Intellectual Workshop
Ari Gross. Feynman Diagrams and Visual Reasoning
Albrecht Heeffer. On the curious historical coincidence of algebra and double-entry bookkeeping
Jouni-Matti Kuukkanen. Inevitable or Contingent History of Science? Re-specifying the Difference between Scientific Realism and the Sociology of Scientific Knowledge
Brendan Larvor. Mathematics, Phenomenology and Social Cognition
Frank Linhard. Formal and non-formal approaches to the notion of “Risk” - a historical perspective
Geerdt Magiels. Towards an Ecological Understaning of Science: the case of the discovery of photosynthesis
Eric Oberheim. Incommensurability and Reconciliation
Hauke Riesch. On the philosophical talk of scientists
Georg Schiemer. Carnap's early semantics: models, isomorphism and categoricity
Marc Staudacher. Around 20 notions of conventions and still no clue?
Ana Teixeira-Pinto. The philosophical concepts of autonomy and automatism and the process of mathematization of mechanics.
Roy Wagner. Mathematical variables as indigenous concepts
Paul Ziche. The multiple discovery of logic around 1900: Interactions between Philosophy, Mathematics and the Cultural world