Reasoning about Probabilities and Probabilistic Reasoning

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Institute for Logic, Language and Computation

May 2-5, 2007

Proceedings Volume

We will publish a refereed proceedings volume for the conference which will be submitted to the book series Studies in Logic with College Publications. The proceedings volume can be provisionally quoted as

Benedikt Lwe, Eric Pacuit, Jan-Willem Romeijn (eds.)
Foundations of the Formal Sciences VI
Reasoning about Probabilities and Probabilistic Reasoning

All speakers at the conference were invited to submit a written version of their talks for publication in the proceedings volume.

The deadline for submission of papers is

September 3, 2007.
Papers for refereeing have to be submitted in Postscript or PDF format.

Please keep in mind that after the refereeing process, accepted papers must be delivered in LaTeX in the style of the book series. The necessary style files and guidelines can be found here. We do not need the paper in final layout for the refereeing process.

Luc Bovens, Wlodek Rabinowicz A Dutch Book for Group Decision Making 15 3 Sep 2007 Accepted (15 Nov 2007)
Timothy Childers Dutch Books won't do. What next? 9 15 Oct 2007; Revised: 11 Apr 2008 Accepted (5 May 2008)
Fabio Cozman, Teddy Seidenfeld Independence for Full Conditional Measures and their Graphoid Problems 23 11 Oct 2007 Accepted (12 Feb 2008)
Helen De Cruz The role of intuitive probability in scientific theory formation 16 2 Sep 2007; Revised: 10 Feb 2008, 23 Feb 2008 Accepted (15 Mar 2008)
Isabelle Drouet Can there be a propensity interpretation of conditional probabilities? 10 29 Sep 2007; Revised: 15 Jun 2000 Accepted (16 Oct 2008)
Maria Carla Galavotti Probability: one or many? 23 11 Oct 2007; Revised: 27 Feb 2008 Accepted (11 Apr 2008)
Anne-Sophie Godfroy-Genin From the doctrine of probability to the theory of probability: the emergence of modern probability calculus 10 3 Nov 2007; Revised: 9 Oct 2008 Conditionally accepted; waiting for final version
Jan Willem Romeijn, Rolf Haenni, Gregory Wheeler, Jon Williamson Logical Relations in a Statistical Problem 24 8 Oct 2007; Revised: 1 May 2008 Accepted (5 May 2008)
Jeffrey Helzner Indeterminacy in additive models of choice 13 10 Sep 2007; Revised: 25 Feb 2008 Accepted (8 Apr 2008)
Jürgen Landes, Jeff Paris, Alena Vencovská The Principle of Conformity and Spectrum Exchangeability 8 29 May 2007; Revised: 14 Dec 2007, 11 Jan 2008 Accepted (1 Feb 2008)
Martin Neumann Measuring the Uncertain
A historical account on objective single case probabilities
18 27 Jul 2007; Revised: 19 Dec 2007 Accepted (31 Jan 2008)
Jeanne Peijnenburg Probabilistic Epistemic Chains 4 29 Jul 2007; Revised: 26 Dec 2007 Accepted (1 Jan 2008)