Reasoning about Probabilities and Probabilistic Reasoning

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Institute for Logic, Language and Computation

May 2-5, 2007

Call for Papers

Probabilistic methods are increasingly becoming an important tool in a variety of disciplines. These include computer science (probabilistic computation and automata, randomness), mathematics (probabilistic proofs), artificial intelligence (reasoning under uncertainty), epistemology (bayesian epistemology) and lin- guistics (probabilistic grammars). Of course, from the beginning, probabilistic and statistical methods have been heavily used in game theory and decision theory. Often separate to the discussion on applications of probabilistic methods is an important philo- sophical debate over the precise meaning of probabilistic and statistical statements. This debate often raises a number of issues crucial to understanding how to interpret results achieved using probabilistic methods.

We understand this conference as an interdisciplinary venue for researchers that use probabilistic and statistical methods in their respective fields and researchers that are concerned with the philosophical interpretation of probability and statistics to exchange ideas, approaches and techniques. Such a forum will facilitate discussions about the applicability of probabilistic methods and help ground foundational debates with concerns of practitioners of probabilistic methods.

Topics of Interest. FotFS VI topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • What is probability?
  • Probability in AI
  • Probabilistic Automata
  • Bayesian Epistemology
  • Probability in Linguistics
  • Probabilistic Computation
  • Foundations of Probability
  • History of Probabilistic Thought
  • Alternative Formalization of Randomness
  • Foundations of Game Theory and Decision Theory
  • Complexity of Randomness and Probabilistic Reasoning
  • Probabilistic Proofs and the Foundations of Mathematics
  • Combining Probability and Logic

We cordially invite all interested reseachers to submit a short abstract for presentation at FotFS VI before March 15, 2007.

Submission Information


  • Abstract submission deadline: 15 March 2007
  • Notification of authors: 29 March 2007
  • Workshop: 2-5 May 2007