Infinite Games

Proceedings Volume

Stefan Bold, Benedikt Löwe, Thoralf Räsch, Johan van Benthem (eds.)
Foundations of the Formal Sciences V. Infinite Games.
College Publications. London 2007. [Studies in Logic 11]

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Alessandro AndrettaThe SLO principle and the Wadge hierarchy pp. 1-38
Julian Bradfield, Stephan KreutzerThe complexity of independence-friendly fixpoint logic pp. 39-61
Jérémie Cabessa, Jacques DuparcAn infinite game on ω-semigroups pp. 63-78
Samson de Jager, Benedikt LöweNonmonotone game labellings pp. 79-99
Dieter Denneberg, Gleb KoshevoyCooperative games with infinite number of players, Projective systems, and Cores pp. 101-107
Jacques Duparc, Olivier Finkel An ω-power of a context-free language which is Borel above Δ0ω pp. 109-122
Lorenz HalbeisenA playful approach to Silver and Mathias forcingspp. 123-142
Christoph Heinatsch, Michael Möllerfeld Determinacy in second order arithmetic pp. 143-155
Robin Hirsch, Ian Hodkinson Games in algebraic logic: axiomatisations and beyondpp. 157-185
Wei-Torng Juang, Hamid SabourianEvolutionary game theory: why equilibrium and which equilibriumpp. 187-222
Kevin KellySimplicity, Truth, and the Unending Game of Science pp. 223-270
Boaz TsabanRandom Strategies with historical memory for the Robin Hood Gamepp. 271-277
Jouko VäänänenOn Infinite Ehrenfeucht-Fraïssé Games pp. 279-317
Stefano VannucciConcept Lattices of Coalitional Game Formspp. 319-343
Enrico Zoli Classes of sets with large intersection: a game-theoretical approach pp. 345-351

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