PhD EuroConference

Complexity in Mathematics and Computer Science

The conference will take place at the Institut für Formale Logik of the Universität Wien located in the Josephinum (Währinger Straße 25).

The Josephinum is well-known for its Museum of Medical History and it is depicted on the back of the 50-Schilling bill:

The conference desk will (most probably) be located in the first floor of the main staircase. We expect the conference desk to open around 11 am on Friday and to be open until the end of the conference. Please do register at the conference desk, you will receive your badge, the program and (if applicable) your travel refund.

Do you want to know how to get to the Josephinum from the airport/the main railway station/the hotel? Please check our "How to get here"-Guidelines.

Last changed: August 29th, 2001