PhD EuroConference

Complexity in Mathematics and Computer Science

EU Travel Grants

If you are a citizen of an EU country or of one of the Associated States, you can apply for a travel grant partially reimbursing you for your travel and accommodation expenses and the conference fee. If you want to apply for one of those travel grants, add the following data to your submission:

The deadline for application for travel grants is June 15th, 2001. Please submit the estimate and the CV by e-mail to as text (ASCII) files, and ask your reference to send the letter of recommendation by e-mail as well. Do NOT send MicroSoft WORD files!

Please follow the guidelines of submission and application!

Although the deadline has passed, there is still a limited amount of money to be distributed. Feel free to contact us about this and submit an application for travel money.
Last changed: June 20th, 2001