Foundations of the Formal Sciences


The proceedings volume appeared as a special double issue of the journal Synthese under the title
Benedikt Löwe, Florian Rudolph (eds.),
Foundations of the Formal Sciences I,
Humboldt-Universitšt zu Berlin, May 7-9, 1999,
special issue of Synthese
(Volume 133, Number 1-2, October/November 2002).

Benedikt Löwe (Bonn) The Formal Sciences: Their Scope, their Foundations, and their Unity April 16th, 2001Final Version
Andreas Weiermann (Münster) Slow versus fast growingJuly 30th, 1999; Revised November 30th, 1999 Final Version
Stefan Geschke (Berlin) Applications of Elementary Submodels in General TopologyJuly 30th, 1999; Revised August 25th, 1999 Final Version
Michael Stolz (Tübingen) The History of Applied Mathematics and the History of Society August 26th, 1999; Revised December 2nd, 1999 Final Version
Eberhard Knobloch (Berlin) Leibniz's rigorous foundation of infinitesimal geometry by means of Riemannian sums July 19th, 1999; Revised October 23rd, 1999 Final Version
Adrian R.D.Mathias (La Réunion)A term of length 4 523 659 424 929May 10th, 1999; Revised July, 15th, 1999 & July, 24th, 1999Final Version
Hans Jürgen Prömel (Berlin) Large numbers, Knuth's arrow notation, and Ramsey theory September 17th, 1999; Revised November 29th, 1999 Final Version
Ralph Matthes (München) Tarski's fixed-point theorem and higher-order term rewrite systemsAugust 11th, 1999; Revised December 6th, 1999 Final Version
Jan Jürjens (Edinburgh) Games in the Semantics of Programming Languages - An elementary IntroductionAugust 12th, 1999; Revised: November 9th, 1999 Final Version
Antje Christensen (Gentofte DK) The Incan QuipusJune 17th, 1999; Revised November 1st, 1999 Final Version
Stephan Merz (München) Model Checking and Beyond: On the Analysis of Reactive Systems August 9th, 1999; Revised December 8th, 1999 Final Version
Christoph Benzmüller (Saarbrücken) Comparing Approaches to Resolution based Higher-Order Theorem Proving August 13th, 1999; Revised December 1st, 1999 & January 4th, 2000 Final Version
Reinhard Kahle (Tübingen) Mathematical proof theory in the light of ordinal analysis August 30th, 1999; Revised November 17th, 1999 Final Version
Wolfgang Burr (Münster) Concepts and aims of functional interpretations: towards a functional interpretation of constructive set theoryAugust 7th, 1999; Revised November 18th, 1999Final Version
Peter Koepke (Bonn) The Category of Inner ModelsNovember 19th, 1999; Revised May 8th, 2001 Final Version

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