Foundations of the Formal Sciences

Interdisciplinary Research Colloquium

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

May, 7-9, 1999

The colloquium Foundations of the Formal Sciences in Berlin is an attempt to bring researchers in the respective foundational areas of Philosophy, Mathematical Logic and Computer Science together in order to initiate interdisciplinary communication.

The Formal Sciences are academic fields with a huge potential of interdisciplinary projects, yet joint work between the different subjects is currently in decline because of the rising level of specialization and complexity.

The talks of the colloquium are supposed to be general expositions of elementary and important methods and questions of central research areas. They will be addressed to the mixed audience with the goal of stimulating work on the borderline between the respective subject areas.

The participants of the colloquium are Computer Scientists, Mathematicians, Historians of Mathematics and Philosophers working in the foundational part of their respective sciences, encompassing Complexity Theory, Algorithms, Set Theory, Proof Theory, Semantics and Syntax, Formal Languages and other areas.

The colloquium is funded by the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes.

Benedikt Löwe
Florian Rudolph


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