Reflections on Alan Turing's Life (1912-1954)
16 June 2012, 6pm
McCrum Lecture Theatre, Bene't Street, Corpus Christi College
Cambridge, England

This special evening event is part of the celebrations of Alan Turing's life and work in Cambridge leading up to his centenary on the 23rd of June. It is closely related to ACE 2012: Turing's 100th Birthday Party at King's College, Cambridge and the workshop Developments in Computational Models (DCM 2012).

The event is open for the general public and is free of charge; it is financially supported by the programme Semantics & Syntax at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences.

18:00-18:45: Reflections on Turing's Suicide. The issues Alan Turing had to contend with were not unique to him. Many others before and after have had to deal with many of the same themes. Robert Lubarsky (of Florida Atlantic University) will give a personal view of Turing's life and times, and of his death, and of being a gay logician:


18:45-19:45: Codebreaker. An international production team has produced a new drama documentary about the heroic life, tragic death, and lasting legacy of Alan Turing. A shorter version of this film broadcast on Channel 4 in November of 2011, attracting 1.5 million viewers and receiving good reviews. Critics described the film as an overdue and thoroughly honourable telling of this dreadful story, awe-inspiring, powerful and imaginative. We shall show the 53-minute version of the film. Watch a two minute trailer here.

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