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Axiomatic Set Theory
2005/2006; 2nd Semester
Institute for Logic, Language & Computation
Universiteit van Amsterdam

Instructor: Dr Benedikt Löwe
Grader: Brian Semmes
Time: We 15-17Th 17-18
Place: P.016 P.017
Course language: English
Credits: 6 ECTS
Intended Audience: Primary: BSc Wiskunde students (3e jaar), MSc Mathematics students, MSc Logic students. Secondary: Every other student with a firm background in formal reasoning and an interest in foundations of mathematics (for instance, AI students, philosophy students, Beta Gamma students, etc.)

Set Theory is both an area of mathematics (the study of sets as a kind of mathematical object) and an area of mathematical logic (the study of axiom systems of set theory as special axiomatic frameworks). As an area of mathematics, Set Theory has applications in all areas of pure mathematics, most notably set-theoretic topology. (Students planning to specialize in this research area, for example at the Vrije Universiteit will greatly benefit from having a firm understanding of the basics of Set Theory.)

This course will cover the basics of axiomatic set theory presented in a mathematical fashion. Knowledge of logic is not a prerequisite, though familiarity with the axiomatic method is.

We will follow the textbook Keith Devlin, "The Joy of Sets" (amazon.de link). If you are a member of the NSA or VIA student associations, you can buy the book in the basement of the Euclides building for a discount of 10%.

Grading will be based on weekly exercises. There will be no exam. There will be a Master level course Advanced Topics in Set Theory in the first semester of 2006/07 continuing the material of this course. It is possible to write a Master's thesis in set theory (either for an MSc in Mathematics or an MSc in Logic) based on the material of these two courses (Axiomatic Set Theory and Advanced Topics in Set Theory).


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