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Recursion Theory
2004/2005; 1st Semester
Institute for Logic, Language & Computation
Universiteit van Amsterdam

Instructor: Dr Benedikt Löwe, Dr Maricarmen Martínez
Vakcode: MolRT6
Time and place: Tuesday 13-15, P.014; Friday 11-13, P.018
Course language: English
Intended Audience: M.Sc. students of Logic and Mathematics
Prerequisites: This course assumes mathematical maturity and knowledge about first-order logic.

Content of the course:This lecture course will cover the basics of recursion theory (models of computation, limitative theorems) and discuss the connections between recursion theory and the foundations of mathematics (Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem). After that, recursion-theoretic hierarchies (Turing degrees) will be introduced.

Literature: Barry Cooper, "Computability Theory" (Chapters 1-10). We will sell the book to enrolled students for EUR 32 in the break of the first lecture on September 7, 2004 (at a substantial discount compared to the list price of $69.95).

Organization: There will be 11 homework assignments for 6 points and one for 10 points, for a total of 76 points. The final grade will depend on the total number of homework points. A total of 40 points will be sufficient to pass the course. You can find your results from homework sets 1-7 listed by student ID here.

Topics and assignments:

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