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Caput Logic, Language and Information
2004/2005; 1st Semester
Institute for Logic, Language & Computation
Universiteit van Amsterdam

Instructors: Dr Barteld Kooi, Dr Benedikt Lwe, Dr Maricarmen Martínez
Vakcode: MolCLLI6
Time: Tuesday 15-17
Place: P.015b
Course language: English
Intended Audience: M.Sc. students of Logic and Artificial Intelligence

Prerequisites: This course will presuppose some mathematical maturity as we shall discuss mathematical models. A second-year logic student in Amsterdam should not find this course too hard.

Goal of this course: This is a special topics course for all students in the Master of Logic programme (it is obligatory for students who started in 2003). Its main goal is to describe the interactions between Logic, Language and Information on several levels, mainly focusing on modelling of behaviour and language by logical and mathematical models.

Content of the course: The course will be taught in two parts. In the first half, we shall focus on games: their general theory, their logical modelling, solution concepts and some applications. In the second half, we shall cover modelling of contextual reasoning,

Organization: The grade will be determined by weekly homework, and a mid-term. There will be six homework sheets in the first half of the course (worth 2 points each, six homework sheets in the second half of the course (worth 4 points each) and a midterm exam in the eighth week covering the game-theoretic part of the course (worth 12 points), for a total of 2x6+12+4x6 = 48 points. A total of 30 points will be sufficient to pass the course. The final grade will depend on the total number of points.