-- digitales Sommersemester 2020 --
Bitte beachten sie die allgemeinen Hinweise zur Digitalisierung.
Bitte stets einen Betreff der Form "MZV2020: mein Anliegen" in den Emails zur Vorlesung verwenden.


In this course we plan to give an introduction to the theory of multiple zeta values.

The course will be run digitally via the its page on the MIN-Moodle: Multiple Zeta Values
(here is a german introduction to the MIN-Moodle)
We plan that the zoom meetings for the lectures and exercise classes will be recorded and made available in the MIN-Moodle
The code to enroll the course in MIN-Moodle was sent to all enrolled students by an email via stine.
If you are not enrolled with Stine, then please email me.

Thuesday at 13:30 and Thursday at 11:30 will be meetings via zoom.
Please mail me if you can't acces the invitation links in moodle.

We plan to make a final exam at the end. If this will not be possible, then either a submission of 10 textbook-style-worked-out exercises or an 5-10 page essay on an subject we choose together will be used for the grading. You to need 50% of the amount of regular points of the exercise sheets or you should have submitted 70% properly tried exercises to get the admission for the final exam or one of its substitutes.
all weekly exercises in one file --

M. Waldschmidt: Lectures on multiple zeta values
J. Burgos-Gil, X. Fresnan: Multiple zeta values: from numbers to motives
J. Zhao: Multiple Zeta Functions, Multiple Polylogarithms and Their Special Values
H. Bachmann: ongoing course on MZV

LECTURE NOTES / Master Theses:
Soon in Moodle: Lecture Notes: M.L., N.M., Master theses: M.L., A.B., ...