Recursion Theory

Fall 2007-2008

Here are the lecture notes by Piet Rodenburg:
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Notes 10
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Exercises Number Theory
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Here are my own Notes on Recursion Theory (latest update: 16 October)
And here is an extra set of notes on Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem (latest update: 17 December)

NEWS: Next Thursday 13 December is the final deadline for any homework that you may still wish to submit and get credits for.

Date Material covered Syllabus Homework
Monday 3 September -Introduction: algorithms
-Diagonalization problem
-Primitive recursion
pp 1-7 Homework 1 (due Monday 10th)  
Thursday 6 September -Ackermann function
-General recursive and μ-recursive functions
-Turing machines
-Church-Turing thesis
pp 8-16 Homework 2 (due Thursday 13th)  
Monday 10 September -Gödel Numbering
-Coding Turing machines
-Padding Lemma
-Kleene's Normal Form Theorem
pp 17-19  
Thursday 13 September -Another way of coding pairs as numbers
-Enumeration Theorem
-S-m-n Theorem
-Computably enumerable (c.e.) sets
-Uncomputable sets (K, K0, Halting problem)
-Many-one reducibility, one-one reducibility
pp 20-24   Homework 3 (due Thursday 20th)  
Monday 17 September -More on reductions and degrees
-Least upper bound, greatest lower bound
-Index sets
-Index set theorem
pp 24-26   Homework 4 (due Monday 24th)  
Thursday 20 September -Computable permutations and isomorphisms
-Myhill Isomorphism Theorem
-Acceptable Numbering Conditions
-Acceptable Numbering Theorem
-&Sigma1 Normal Form
-Quantifier Contraction Theorem
pp 28-34   Homework 5 (due Thursday 27th)  
Monday 24 September -More on projections
-Projections of c.e. sets
-Functions as relations (graphs)
-Graph theorem
-Uniformization theorem, selector function
pp 34-36    
Thursday 27 September -Listing Theorem
-Union Theorem, Intersection Theorem
-Reduction principle for c.e. sets
1, Δ1 sets
-Complementation theorem
pp 36-38   Homework 6 (due Thursday 4th)  
Monday 1 October -Static and dynamic properties of c.e. sets
-Uniformly c.e. (u.c.e.) sequences
-Simultaneous computable enumerations (s.c.e.)
-Dynamic definitions for c.e. sets
pp 39-40    
Thursday 4 October -Differences between "new" and "old" definitions of We,s
-Dynamic Flow Theorem
-Friedberg's Splitting Theorem
pp 40-42   Homework 7 (due Thursday 11th)  
Monday 8 October -Fixed points
-Recursion Theorem (Fixed Point Theorem)
-Applications of Recursion Theorem
pp 43-47    
Thursday 11 October -Recursion Theorem with parameters
-Different kinds of indices (Σ1, Δ0 and Δ1)
-No effective procedure: Σ1 ⇒ Δ01
-Canonical indices for finite sets
-More on acceptable numberings
pp 47-53   Homework 8 (due Thursday 18th)  
Monday 15 October -Rogers' Acceptable Numbering Theorem (finished)
pp 52-53    
Thursday 18 October PRACTICE SESSION:
-practise exercises of section 1.5, or
-do whatever there is demand for
Monday 22 October AUTUMN BREAK
Thursday 25 October AUTUMN BREAK
Monday 29 October -Some philosophy of mathematics
-Hilbert's programme
Notes 13    
Thursday 1 November -More on representability
-Lemma 40.2 (i), (ii)
-Representability of monus
-Representable relations vs. characteristic functions
Notes 14   Homework 9 (due Monday 12th)  
Monday 5 November -More on representability
-Representability closed under minimalization
Notes 14   Homework 10 (due Monday 12th)  
Thursday 8 November LECTURE CANCELLED
due to A Day of Mathematical Logic.
Monday 12 November -The β-function Notes 15    
Thursday 15 November -Total computable functions are representable
-Coding syntax of logic
-Church's Theorem
-Gödel's First Incompleteness Theorem
Notes 16   Homework 11 (due Thursday 22nd)  
Monday 19 November -Complete sets (1-complete, r-complete)
-Repeating: K, K0 and K1 are 1-complete
-Productive and creative sets
pp 55-56   Homework 12 (due Monday 26th)  
Thursday 22 November -More on productive and creative sets
-Creative Set Theorem (Myhill)
-Exercise 2.6.10
pp 56-58   Homework 13 (due Thursday 29th)
Monday 26 November -Oracle Turing Machines
-Coding configurations, computations etc.
pp 61-62   Homework 14 (due Monday 3rd Dec.)  
Thursday 29 November -Turing computable functions
-Use functions
-Computable approximations to ΦeA(x)
-Master Enumeration Theorem
-Use Principle
-Standard theorems relativized to A
-Turing degrees
pp 62-69   Homework 15 (due Thursday 6th Dec.)  
Monday 3 December -The Jump operator
-Jump theorem (i)-(v)
pp 69-70    
Thursday 6 December -Jump theorem (v)-(vii)
-Infinite hierarchy (0 < 0' < 0'' < ...)
-Arithmetical hierarchy
-Quantifier manipulation
-Placing an index set in Σn or Πn
pp 70-71
pp 89-93  
Homework 16 (due Thursday 13th)  
Monday 10 December -Post's Theorem
-Hierarchy Theorem
pp 94-95    
Thursday 13 December PRACTICE SESSION

Tuesday 18 December:       EXAM RECURSION THEORY         09.00 - 12.00 in A.303