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Secretarys on the Department of Mathematics

List can be sorted by "Research Group" or "Last Name": please klick on the header.

Last name, First name Room Phone email /
Mailing list or
function mailbox
Research Group / Working Group Representation (in absence)
Deest, Brgitte T11 4924 email
[sekr.st] ST Kortmann, Philine
Halwani, Wasel
(as well Mhd. Wasel Alhalwani)
T11 4924 E-Mail
[sekr.st] ST Kortmann, Philine
Jampert, Monika 111 5116 email / homepage [sekr.am] AM - DD / Lehrexport TUHH / Raumverwaltung / TdM for AM: Kopp, Katrin / Mehrabadi, Birgit
Kopp, Katrin 134 4941 email / homepage [sekr.am] AM - OA / C3S / Colloq AM for AM: Jampert, Monika / Mehrabadi, Birgit
Kortmann, Philine 229 5142 email / homepage [sekr.dm]  / 
DM / Mathematisches Seminar / Preprints / TdM (until 2016) for DM: Deest, Brigitte
Lange, Michaela 418 4106 email
[verwaltung.math] Verw  
Mehrabadi, Birgit 121 5108 email / homepage [sekr.am] Erasmus+ (since 01.10.2021) / ZMP / AM
Risse, Stefanie 317 5174 email / homepage [sekr.ad] AD / Colloq RM for AD: Wessling, Heike
Skrzipczyk, Nicole T11 4924 E-Mail
[sekr.st] ST Kortmann, Philine
Wessling, Heike 219 5135 email / homepage [sekr.ad] AD / Geo / ML / Abhandlungen Math. Sem. for AD: Risse, Stefanie /
for Geo+ML: Jampert, Monika
Zimmer, Karin 311 5171 email / homepage   AZ
Benz, Astrid 117 5115 email / homepage [sekr.am] MathMods Uni HH: only MathMods /
TUHH: regular position starting 01.10.2021 (for 5 years)


Mailing list or function mailbox Members
sekretariate (sekretariate@math.uni-hamburg.de) all Secretarys on the Dept. of Math (see list above)
sekr.ad (sekr.ad.math@lists.uni-hamburg.de) Stefanie Risse, Heike Wessling
sekr.am (sekr.am@math.uni-hamburg.de) Monika Jampert, Katrin Kopp, Birgit Mehrabadi, Astrid Benz
sekr.dm (sekr.dm@math.uni-hamburg.de) Philine Kortmann
sekr.st (sekr.st@math.uni-hamburg.de) Brigitte Deest, Wasel Halwani, Nicole Skrzipczyk
tdm (tdm.math@uni-hamburg.de) Monika Jampert, Gaja Peters (status: 2016)

(Stand: 31.07.2022)


Abbr. Research Group
AD Analysis and Differential Geometry
AM Applied Mathematics (DD+OA)
AM - DD AngMath - Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
AM - OA AngMath - Optimization and Approximation
AZ Algebra and Number Theory
C3S Lothar Collatz Center for Computing in Science
DM Discrete Mathematics
Geo Incidence Geometry and Gender Studies
ML Mathematical logic and interdisciplinary applications of the logic
ST Risk Management in Complex Systems
Verw Administrative Office from the Deptartment
ZMP Center for Mathematical Physics
TdM Tag der Mathematik

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