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Evelyn Herberg

Foto Department of Mathematics
Center for Optimization and Approximation (OA)
Bundesstraße 55 (Geomatikum)
20146 Hamburg
Room 116
Phone: +49 40 42838-5120
E-Mail: evelyn.herberg (at) uni-hamburg.de

Office hours at Geomatikum:
on appointment by email

Since october 2017 I am a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Michael Hinze and a member of the Lothar Collatz School.


Sparse discretization of sparse control problems


  • Master thesis: Variational discretization of parabolic control problems in space-time measure spaces, University of Hamburg, 2017.
  • Bachelor thesis: Das augmentierte Lagrange-Verfahren und dessen Anwendung auf semi-definite Programme, University of Hamburg, 2015.


  • Winter term 14/15: Tutor for Numerics
  • Summer term 15: Tutor for Optimization
  • Winter term 15/16: Tutor for the mathematical preparation course for students of business administration, Tutor for Linear Algebra 1
  • Summer term 16: Tutor for Linear Algebra 2
  • Winter term 16/17: Tutor for the mathematical preparation course for students of mathematics, Tutor for Numerics, Tutor for "girls go math"
  • Summer term 17: Tutor for Optimization
  • Winter term 17/18: Tutor for Differential Equations 1 ( Hamburg University of Technology )

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