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Computational methods for imaging (Winter term 2019)

This seminar will cover different topics for mathematical imaging depending on the prior knowlegde of the participants. Possible topics are for example different inverse problems in imaging applications and variational regularization methods leading to optimization problems.

The semiar will be a block seminar. The concrete dates of the seminar will be discussed together with the participants in a first meeting in October.

Time schedule and topics

12.12.2019, room 415
Linear filters and convolution
Windowed Fourier transform and continuous wavelet transform - cancelled!
Discrete wavelet transform and image compression
Bayesian inversion framework
Optical flow estimation
10.01.2020, lecture hall H3
Nonlinear diffusion - Perona Malik equation - postponed to 17.1.19
Denoising images - wavelet shrinkage denoising
Denoising images - Total variation denoising postponed to 17.1.19
16.01.2020, room 415
Sparsity-promoting regularization
TV regularized reconstruction via Chambolle-Pock algorithm
Nonlinear inverse problems
Image inpainting cancelled!
17.01.2020 (alternative date), room 127
Nonlinear diffusion - Perona Malik equation
Denoising images - Total variation denoising


    Bredies & Lorenz, Mathematical image processing
    Aubert & Kornprobst, Mathematical problems in image processing
    Engl, Hanke, Neubauer, Regularization of inverse problems

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