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Nathan Bowler

Lecture course "Mengenlehre", winter semester 2015/16

Exercise sheets (Deadlines in brackets)

There will be an exercise sheet every two weeks.

Here are the exercise sheets:
Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5 Sheet 6

Related books:

P. Johnstone     Notes on logic and set theory
H. B. Enderton     Elements of set theory


15.10.   Classes and the first few axioms: extensionality, comprehension, empty set, pair set, union and power set
22.10.   Further axioms: infinity and replacement
29.10.   Foundation, wellfoundedness and induction
05.11.   Recursion and the start of the cumulative hierarchy
12.11.   The Mostowski Collapse. Wellorderings
19.11.   Ordinal numbers; basic examples and operations
26.11.   The Axiom of Choice, Zorn's Lemma and the Wellordering Principle
03.12.   Applications of the Axiom of Choice
10.12.   Cardinal numbers; basic examples and operations
17.12.   Cardinal Arithmetic
07.01.   Untyped Lambda-Calculus
07.01.   Implementing functions in untyped Lambda-Calculus
07.01.   Typed Lambda-Calculus

Office hours:
Tu, 3-4pm; Fri, 10-11am.

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