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Nathan Bowler

Lecture course "Discrete Mathematics", winter semester 2019/20

Second Bonusklausur

The second Bonusklausur will be on the 17th January at 4:15pm in lecture room H in the educational science department (Erziehungswissenschaft).


The aim of the course is to explain foundational mathematical concepts, proof methods and themes from discrete mathematics.Lecture notes are available in German.

I'll put slides here before the corresponding lecture.

1. Foundations and logic.

2. The natural numbers and induction.

3. Elementary number theory

4. Elementary combinatorics

5. Graph theory

6. Modular arithmetic and RSA

7. Algebraic structures

8. Polynomials


Exercise classes are organised by Stefan Geschke. Material from the lectures will be treated in more depth and the exercises will be discussed. In order to take the exam, you will need 50% of the points from the exercise sheets (calculated over the whole semester). The exercise sheets will be uploaded to Mr Geschke's website.
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