Math 5b


Introduction to Abstract Algebra

Winter 2010-11



MWF 9:00 AM // 151 Sloan


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Instructor: Susama Agarwala, 176 Sloan, 395-4347,
Office Hours: Monday 2-4 pm
Lead Grader:   Jingjing Huang, 385 Sloan, 395-1732,

Office Hours: Sundays 9-10 pm



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Course Description



The second term of Ma 5 will cover rings and modules. These topics are found in Dummit and Foote, parts II and III. Not all the material in the chapters will be covered. In addition, there will be supplemental material pulled from other textbooks that the students will be responsible for.





Grading: There will be a Midterm and a Final examination; each will be a timed (3 hour) take-home exam. The homework will count towards 40% of the final grade, while the midterm and Final will each count towards 30%.

Homework Policy: The solutions for the homework problems must be turned in every Tuesday by 4 PM in the marked box outside room 253 Sloan. Under regular circumstances, each students will be granted only one extension on homework, but arrangements have to be made in advanced with the instructor.

Students may, and are encouraged to, collaborate together on homework as long as each student writes up solutions individually in his or her own words. In solving homework problems, you should quote theorems and lemmas from class and the text. Results from the text in sections not yet covered or from other texts will not receive credit unless the proof is supplied.

Students may always cite results proved in class or earlier in the book, or results from previously assigned problems. If the problem refers to another problem in the book, students may use results from the referred to problem, unless otherwise indicated. Any other results must be proven to be used on homeworks or exams.





Abstract Algebra by D. S. Dummit and R.M. Foote, third edition, John Wiley 2004.
ISBN: 0-471-43334-9

Class lectures will sometimes cover slightly different material and may cover material from a different point of view. In particular, exams and homework may involve material covered in lectures but not in Dummit-Foote.

Texts I will be taking material and problems from include

Algebra by S. Lang, third edition, Springer 2002

Algebra by M. Artin, Prentice Hall, 1991





The following detailed syllabus may chance without notice.




Week 1

Introduction to Rings 7.1-7.3

Week 2

Ideals and Fractional Domains

Week 3

Chinese Remainder Theorem and Euclidean Domains 7.6, 8.1

Week 4

PIDs, UFDs, Polynomial rings 8.2-9.1

Week 5


Week 6


Week 7


Week 8


Week 9


Week 10















Due Date



Jan 11, 2011 Homework 1 Solutions
Jan 18, 2011 Homework 2 Solutions
Jan 25, 2011 Homework 3 Solutions
Feb 1, 2011 Homework 4 Solutions
Feb 4, 2011 Midterm  
Feb 15, 2011 Homework 5 Solutions
Feb 21, 2011 Homework 6 Solutions
March 1, 2011 Homework 7 Solutions
March 8, 2011 Homework 8 Solutions
March 8, 2011 Final  


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