Math 130a
Algebraic Geometry
Fall 2010-11
MWF 1:00 PM, 257 Sloan
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Instructor: Susama Agarwala, Sloan 276, 626-395-4347,
Office Hours: 
Mondays, 2 pm - 4 pm or by appointment

Grader: Michel van Garrel, Sloan 360,
Office Hours:  Thursdays, 1 pm - 3 pm or by appointment




Course Description

The course will follow Chapter 2 of Hartshorne's book with an emphasis on category theory. The course will start with a quick lesson in the basics of category theory, and cover sheaves, schemes and divisors. Sheaf cohomology will be covered if time permits.


There will be one homework assignment per topic covered in class. It will be assigned on the first day of the topic, and will be due 2 weeks after the date assigned. Homeworks will be checked for completeness. Complete solutions will be poseted on the website.


Text: Algebraic Geometry, Robert Hartshorne, ISBN: 0387902449
Recommended text: Category theory for working mathematicians, Maclane, S. ISBN: 1441931236

Lecture Notes

Date Description


Date Description


Due Date Homework  Solutions
Jan 18, 2011 Categories Solutions
Jan 26 in class Sheaves Solutions
Feb 7 in class Schemes  
Feb 21 in class Properties of Schemes  

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