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University Players on tour

Hugh Whitemore's play

Breaking the Code

14 September 2012: Paderborn, Germany
16 September 2012: Hamburg, Germany
19 September 2012: Braunschweig, Germany
4 October 2012: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
5 October 2012: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1 November 2012: Almere, The Netherlands

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Pictures from Paderborn, 14 September 2012.

Benedikt Löwe introduces the play and welcomes the audience Jeff Caster (Mick Ross) and Maximilian Duchow (Alan Turing) in the opening scene Nora Farrell, Saskia Wieland, Jeff Caster, Jonathan Guss and Maximilian Duchow (Alan Turing)
Saskia Wieland (Pat Green), Jonathan Guss (Dillwyn Knox) and Nora Farrell Maximilian Duchow (Alan Turing), Matthias Maurer (Ron Miller) and Jonathan Guss