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Klaus Kröncke

Lecture course  Riemannian Geometry, Winter term 2015/16

The course takes place Tuesday 12:00-14:00 and Friday 14:00-16:00 in H3.
The exercise sessions will be held every second Friday. The precise dates are: Oct. 23, Nov. 6 and 20, Dec. 4 and 18 and Jan. 15. The course will finish on Jan. 15!

For the course, basic knowledge of Differential and Riemannian Geometry is preassumed. More precisely, you should be familiar with the following concepts: Riemannian manifolds, Levi-Civita connection, geodesics, Jacobi fields and curvature quantities. To recall details, you can use the script by Oliver Goertsches (in German).

The problem sheets will be posted here:
Sheet 1  
Sheet 2  
Sheet 3  
Sheet 4  
Sheet 5  
Sheet 6  

For the preparation of the course, I use the following books:

M. P. do Carmo   Riemannian Geometry   Mathematics: Theory and Applications
P. Petersen   Riemannian Geometry   Springer Graduate Texts in Mathematics
S. Gallot, Dominique H., J. Lafontaine   Riemannian Geometry   Springer Universitext
J. M. Lee   Riemannian Manifolds: An Introduction to Curvature   Springer Graduate Texts in Mathematics

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